Megan Garcia

Manager, Strategic Marketing and Social Outreach, Strategy

Megan Garcia is a born and raised California girl transplanted to NYC. What she lacks in subway knowledge she more than makes up for with her sunny disposition and infectious enthusiasm. Megan started in radio as a college intern and quickly fell in love with the creative ways stations build brands, gain deep market loyalty, and innovate new ways to grow business. That foundation lead to a deep passion for inventive, engaging local marketing for both national brands and small local businesses. She also loves to travel, eat delicious food, and email reaction GIFS to her coworkers.

Altitude Office: New York
First Job: Managing the front desk at a Women’s fitness club. I was the 16 year old eating pepperoni pizza in the lobby on my lunch break. (What a jerk, right?)
Karaoke Song: Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and “Paul Revere’s Ride” by the Beastie Boys. To be honest, those are 2 songs in a LONG long list. #Karaoke4Life
Finish this sentence: I am a badass because I drove cross country in a fully packed stick-shift Honda Civic coupe with my 6’4” brother and Jack Russell Terrier riding shotgun.