Jason Szkutek

Graphic Designer, Creative

Calling Brooklyn home, Jason is a designer, musician, and artist with a background in illustration, and a music collection embarrassingly too big for one room. While designing logos, promos, print brochures or concert posters is his preferred craft, Jason loves digging deep into any creative project big or small, always keeping a keen eye on every meticulous detail.

Altitude Office: New York
Something your co-workers don’t know about you: I’m a retro video game nerd (Atari and beyond).
College/Major: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill/BFA: Art Major-Music Minor
Karaoke song: “I Want You To Want Me” Cheap Trick
Coffee or Tea: BOTH – Cortado and Genmaicha for life
First job: Assistant Auto Mechanic (aka Grease Monkey)
Finish this sentence: I am a badass because I… Like a chameleon, I can adapt to any established brand design… or play any musical instrument handed to me.