James Ingrassia

Vice President, Strategic Sales Development

James has been with the Altitude Group since its inception. His media career began in the late 90’s while interning at a local radio station in New York. Back then, James did everything from driving vans to hanging banners, to answering request lines. Since coming to the Altitude Group, James’ passion for marketing has grown, and he has effortlessly launched many high-profile campaigns and platforms. Fun fact: James used to have pet jellyfish in his office, but now it’s a sore subject…don’t ask.

Altitude Office: New York
Something that your co-workers do not know about you: I play the piano, and have a meaningless tattoo.
Projects/clients you are especially proud of: Allstate Traffic Integration (new content alignment) & VITAS (ability to change people’s lives through media). Take a look!
Favorite Beatle, Rolling Stone, and/or member of *NSYNC: Paul, Keith & Chris
Coffee or Tea? Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee
If you got on stage during a taping of “The Price is Right”, who would you say “HI!” to? My Wife & Kids… and can I play Plinko?
Finish this sentence: I am a badass because… I’ve survived 2 daily visits to Port Authority Bus Terminal every day for the past 11 years.