Freddie Zamora

Manager, Strategic Marketing

Freddie Zamora is likely one of the tallest people working in media, but is terrible at basketball. He is a native New Yorker who’s passionate about comedy/improv, writing, music, and media – what a mix, what a guy. Freddie joined the Altitude Group in March 2016, bringing his varied experience to the table among a wildly creative team.

Altitude Office: New York
College/Major: Northeastern University, Journalism
Something that your co-workers do not know about you: I was the singer of a ska/pop-punk band in high school (yes, you’re right, we were terrible).
Karaoke song:“She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals, in the falsetto voice, duh.
Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Have you seen the new episode of [insert TV show here]?”
Who is your idol? This is a hard question to answer, but I could definitely tell you that it’s NOT Carrot Top.
Who has been the greatest influence on you? Unequivocally, my father.
Finish this sentence: I am a badass because… I can eat 10 tacos in 10 minutes!