Erin Gilliard

Sr. Graphic & Motion Designer, Creative

If Erin Gilliard could design the perfect world, it would be a place where laughter cures all, pixels are perfect and Comic Sans is simply not an option. Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she left the sandy beaches for the Pratt Institute in New York City. After graduating with a BFA in Design, she worked in e-commerce and freelanced for New York Magazine, covering various events including Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week. With her flexible approach and diverse background, Erin is a hands-on designer that is ready to tackle any project.

Altitude Office: New York
Something that your co-workers do not know about you: I’ve been learning to play the ukulele!
What was the worst thing you ever got in trouble for as a kid? I didn’t get caught too many times, but probably the worst was for skipping school, to my credit, I went to school that morning and dropped my homework off.
Karaoke song: Nope. Nope. Nope. I can’t sing.
Kindle or Hardcover? Hardcover
Favorite app: I really loved Drawquest, it was a daily drawing prompt app. The user base consisted of myself, a handful of professional illustrators, and thousands of 4 year olds.
Coffee or Tea? Coffee. I’ll drink black tea, only because it reminds me of coffee.
Finish this sentence: I am a badass because… I designed this website!