Danielle Mosher

Director, Business Development

Urban Dictionary defines “Dani” as a person with “lots of layers of goodness,” while “Mo” means “a lot of.” Combined, Danielle’s nickname “Danimoe” perfectly describes her unparalleled passion and that helps her clients increase revenue and grow to new heights. A thirteen year CBS veteran, Danimoe is best known for her positive attitude. No job is too tough! Oh, and she’s deeply in love with her new Australian Labradoodle named Quigley.

Altitude Office: Los Angeles
College: Boston University
Nickname: “Danimoe” – Once you say it….you’ll never forget me!
Hometown: Detroit and yes…..I am a Detroit Lions Fan, no matter what! #DefendtheDen
First job: Flipping burgers and hot dogs (with chili) at Carney’s on Sunset for the Hollywood party crowd – talk about social psychology – oh, the stories…
Something that your co-workers do not know about you: I LOVE Smartfood Cheese Popcorn – every kernel!!!!.
Coffee or Tea? Every morning I order a Starbucks Venti Americano (no room) and a Venti ice water (‘cause their water is sooo delicious).