Claire Doyle

Activation Director

Claire has a deep-seated fear of anything that might explode: balloons, soda bottles, or any pastries in a can that require you to pull the tab until they pop. This is great for the Altitude Group because she makes sure every program she works on goes off without a hitch, crunch, or explosion. Unless, of course, that client requests it.

Altitude Office: New York
Something that your co-workers do not know about you: I was an obituary writer.
What was the worst thing you ever got in trouble for as a kid? As a camp counselor, I was kicked out for getting a tattoo during my time off. I was allowed back after a week!
Karaoke song: No.
Who’s your favorite Beatle, Rolling Stone, and/or member of *NSYNC? All the Beatles, None of the Stones, and Justin (duh!)
Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the AM, Tea in the PM. Religiously, every day.
Who has been the greatest influence on you? I’ve been fortunate to be influenced by a lot of greats during my life and career but the greatest influence has been my Mother. She never let go of her sense of fun and adventure and I hope I can do the same throughout my life.
Finish this sentence: I am a badass because… I think I am.