Brendan Kneeland

Lead Producer, Creative Content, Activation

Brendan’s tenacity, keen perception and ability to quickly adapt come through in every single project that he executes. A graduate of the Boston College Honors Program, Brendan has a variety of experience in writing, on-air production, and campaign execution. Brendan is an information sponge and has gathered knowledge on everything from audio production to Russian literature to being a kickass barista. When he is not working he enjoys stand-up comedy, spending time with old college friends, and running.

Altitude Office: New York
Who are you inspired by? My parents. My Dad is an insanely hard worker, a selfless, smart guy, and just an overall truly decent human being. My Mom is endlessly patient, compassionate and super smart. I strive to be like them in my career and life.
What do you love about radio? I got into this industry because I was a fan of brutally honest comedy and free creative expression.
What’s your guilty pleasure? Karaoke and anime come immediately to mind. No guilt.
Favorite writing utensil? I couldn’t pick a favorite. They’re all like my children and I have no favorites.