Noel Grey

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Allison DaQuila

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AG Intern turned Activation Coordinator, Allison is a new college grad that’s on top of her marketing knowhow and skills. She brings an energetic and positive attitude to the team… and on special days, she kicks it into high gear with Munchkins or bagels (definitely welcome on this team!). Don’t mistake the optimism for fragility, though. Challenge her to… Read more »

Chris Teachout

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A music business major at the Berklee College of Music, Chris has spent the past decade in world of advertising sales. In his spare time, he enjoys playing drums in a 90s cover band or attending a country concert! Altitude Office: Los Angeles Worst thing you got in trouble for as a kid: Hosted the school’s… Read more »

Chris Clarkin

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Chris has spent the past 15 years working in the Los Angeles LGBTQ community, serving on a variety of commissions and community task forces, along with being a uniformed volunteer for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, he brings those relationships and cultural competency to his role on public health projects with the Altitude Group…. Read more »

Genetta Robinson

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Genetta has always been inquisitive about … everything. So, when deciding what she wanted to be ‘when she grew up’ she declared it would involve the worlds of Media and Marketing. Genetta’s resume spans roles including reporter, promotions & events guru, professor, and integrated marketer. She enjoys spending time with family and friends while hosting… Read more »

Jason Szkutek

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Calling Brooklyn home, Jason is a designer, musician, and artist with a background in illustration, and a music collection embarrassingly too big for one room. While designing logos, promos, print brochures or concert posters is his preferred craft, Jason loves digging deep into any creative project big or small, always keeping a keen eye on… Read more »

Jillian Alonzo

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She’s like… really, really, really clumsy. Altitude Office: New York Worst thing you got in trouble for as a kid: I plead the 5th.  Favorite app: Apple Music First job: CEO/Founder of Lemonade Stand Life soundtrack: Some mix between RHCP Greatest Hits, The Balcony – Catfish and Bottlemen, and American Teen – Khalid Karaoke song: Hey Leonardo (She… Read more »

Ashtyn Davis

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Ashtyn’s a southerner who’s attempting to navigate the ridiculous streets of NYC. The Memphis-native loves Nashville hot chicken, cats, video games and beer, but not necessarily in that order. Oh, and that person who’s too short to touch the top pole in the subway car? That’s her. Altitude Office: New York Something your co-workers don’t know about you: I… Read more »

John Webb

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, John has since lived in 8 states, plus Canada. He started career as an engineer on the Space Shuttle program for Rockwell International. Next, he spent many years as a health care executive for UNUM and Aetna, transitioning into Venture Capital for early stage companies. Altitude Office: Atlanta Something your… Read more »

Aqlesia Sirak

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Account Manager by day, struggling professional introvert/extrovert by night. If you’re looking for me, you can find me dining outside at any restaurant with a patio (below 14th St), testing my balance at barre class, or in bed too early watching animal planet. I’m always missing the warm weather where I grew up in Kuwait,… Read more »