Alexandra Brunetti


Alex Brunetti joins our Altitude team straight out of graduate school. With previous experience in law and print advertising, she brings her detailed eye to Strategy and is beyond pumped to work with such a creative and awesome team (we have a popcorn machine, FYI). A native North Shore Long Island-er, she is a proud… Read more »

Susan Ayotte

Susan Trump Ayotte

Susan is a native Detroiter who honed her skills working with many of America’s top brands. She is passionate about helping clients to succeed, regardless of their business objective and she is excited to now have the vast powerhouse CBS assets in her bag of tricks to bring clients a win. Susan is fascinated by… Read more »

Yoni Schwartz


Yoni is an eternal optimist with a constant focus on making a client’s day.  Maybe it is how he was brought up, but it always seems to begin and end with food…and drinks! His goal is always to strive to be better every day, smile a lot, ask a lot of questions and love your… Read more »

Dominic Lampasi


Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Dominic applies his Midwest work ethic to his passion: helping his clients grow their business. Dominic personifies the words ‘multi-media'; he has worked in sporting event sponsorships, television, out-of-home, digital, and radio. He was introduced to the Altitude Group internally as a local seller at CBS St. Louis – when… Read more »

Freddie Zamora


Freddie Zamora is likely one of the tallest people working in media, but is terrible at basketball. He is a native New Yorker who’s passionate about comedy/improv, writing, music, and media – what a mix, what a guy. Freddie joined the Altitude Group in March 2016, bringing his varied experience to the table among a… Read more »

Kimberly Nieto


Since moving to LA from a small farm town, and then switching careers from Nursing to Media, Kim has been on a roller coaster of life-changing experiences. Her work ethic, aspirations and determination inspire her to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in both work and in life. Brand new to the Altitude… Read more »

Aaron Werber


Aaron Werber is an all-around “people person.” From his wide net of incredible relationships at work and in his personal life, Aaron is known to be a valuable and reliable resource.  Aaron loves hosting backyard BBQ’s with his amazing wife and two kids. In 2012, Aaron came to CBS as a Local Sales Manager, before joining… Read more »

Matt Gall


The first thing you need to know about Matthew is that only about 10% of the people he knows actually call him anything that resembles Matthew. His grandfather started calling him “Bubba” as a baby and the nickname just stuck (despite his attempts to ditch it in High School for something a little more “adult”)…. Read more »

Danielle Mosher


Urban Dictionary defines “Dani” as a person with “lots of layers of goodness,” while “Mo” means “a lot of.” Combined, Danielle’s nickname “Danimoe” perfectly describes her unparalleled passion and that helps her clients increase revenue and grow to new heights. A thirteen year CBS veteran, Danimoe is best known for her positive attitude. No job… Read more »

Paul Familetti


From listening to the radio since a very young age while growing up just outside of Philadelphia, Paul has always had a passion for music. It’s no surprise that he has worked most of his career for various music publications in New York and Los Angeles. He’s proud to finally work in the medium that… Read more »