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Seattle Local Advertising

Skiing, hiking, sipping, swimming, biking and jamming out . . . the birthplace of coffee and Cobain is never bored. Tech yourself (before you wreck yourself?) at the headquarters of Amazon and Microsoft, test your fear of heights at the Seattle Space Needle, and hunker down with your headphones and local heroes like Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix. Hipster beanies not required . . . Take Seattle local advertising by storm with access to the following:


Take it from our experts: if you’re in the process of building a successful Seattle local advertising campaign, radio stations are one of the most valuable resources that you can gain access to. Not only will you be able to connect with potential customers during their morning commute, throughout their workday, and long into the night, but you can get your word across in the rare moments when they’re actually listening!

Here at CBS Altitude Group, we harness the power of CBS Radio’s top-rated stations, including a variety of Seattle’s favorites. Start your Seattle local radio advertising campaign with access to: The Fan 1090, 96.5 Jack FM, 94.1 KMPS, and 102.5 KZOK!

1090 The Fan
96.5 Jack FM
94.1 KMPS
KZOK 102.5 FM


Another great resource that we can put at your disposal is access to CBS Seattle, our Seattle division of CBS Local Digital. When residents of Seattle are looking for up-to-date weather and traffic reports, local news stories, “Best Of” compliations, sports articles, and more, they trust CBS Seattle to get them the info they need. What better place for you to do a little bit of Seattle local advertising?

CBS Seattle


Our third resource is something that we’re quite well-known for—you guessed it: television! Here at CBS Altitude Group, we’re backed by TV’s most watched network, and we work hard to provide our clients with high-impact stories at the local level. When you work with our local advertising agency in Seattle, you’ll have access to CW11 – KSTW. Call us today for more information!

KSTW - CW 11