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San Francisco local marketing agency

San Francisco Local Marketing Agency

Rudyard Kipling once said “The only drawback to San Francisco is how hard it is to leave.” Bay Area natives (and transplants) are fiercely loyal to their city, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else (trust us, we asked . . .). It’s seven square miles of farmers markets, wine tasting, hills, beaches, free concerts, amazing architecture, famously foggy summers, landmarks, happening neighborhoods, and everything else you could possibly need. One rule: Just don’t call it ‘Frisco . . . Learn what our San Francisco local marketing agency can do for your brand today!


One of the most effective resources our San Francisco local marketing agency can bring to the table for your business is the power of local radio stations. Because we’re plugged into the full repertoire of what CBS RADIO has to offer, our selection of major market radio stations spans a massive 117 stations nationwide. We’re able to give you access to five of San Francisco’s favorites: KCBS All News 740 AM & 106.9 FM, Live 105, Alice@97.3, and 99.7 [NOW!]. Whether your potential consumers are catching up on the latest news stories during their morning commute or powering down with their favorite tunes in the evening, your ads will be sure to catch them when they’re listening.

KCBS All News 740 AM | 106.9 FM
Live 105
Alice 93.7
99.7 Now


Another way we can help your business get the word out is through digital marketing. When you work with our San Francisco local marketing agency, you’ll have access to CBS SF Bay Area, CBS Local Digital’s home for San Francisco area news, national headlines, local weather updates and traffic advisories, as well as details on upcoming events, sports highlights, celebrity gossip and so much more. Basically, it’s everything consumers in the Bay Area need to get through the day, all at the click of a button—and your advertisements can greet them upon arrival!

CBS SF Bay Area


When it comes to local advertising in San Francisco, our collection of resources wouldn’t be complete without the leverage of local television. With the support of a legendary network at your back, your business will not only get a boost in reputation, but the exposure you’ve always aimed for. In the Bay Area, we can help spread the word into homes all across the city via two major channels: KPIX 5 and KBCW 44 Cable 12. Get ready to be wowed today!