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Local Marketing Agency In San Diego

Though it’s one of the most expensive cities, San Diego certainly lives up to to the adage “you get what you pay for.” The city offers safe and friendly environments for families, a growing scene for start ups (and the hipsters that come with them), the undisputed best craft beer in the industry, and miles of insane coastline. Add that to the beaches, parks, and attractions? It’s worth breaking open the piggy bank…  With the help of our local marketing agency in San Diego, you’ll be able to capture just the audience you need.


In today’s society, people are used to getting bombarded with advertisements. In fact, they’re so used to it that they’ve become masters at tuning them out entirely—whether they come in the form of billboards on the side of the road or commercials spread throughout their favorite television shows. With DVRs aiding the fast forward movement and ad blockers cleaning out consumers’ frequented websites, it can be hard for a business to draw in any potential customers, let alone their target group—but that’s where CBS Altitude Group comes in. As a bit of advice from our local marketing agency in San Diego to you, there is one resource that excels when marketing on the local level: radio!

CBS Radio is home to a wide variety of major market radio stations nationwide—across all platforms imaginable—and nearly 72 million listeners tune in on a regular basis. When you work with our San Diego radio advertising experts, you’ll have access to some of San Diego’s favorite stations, including Energy 103.7, a San Diego Top 40 station, and KyXy 96.5, an adult contemporary/soft rock station. Whether listeners tune in on their morning commute, throughout their workday, or as the day draws to a close, you’ll be sure to get your company’s word across when they’re finally all ears. Contact our local marketing agency in San Diego today!

Energy 103.7
Soft Rock KyXy 96