Riverside local advertising

Riverside Local Advertising

Ahh, Southern California…. lazy beachgoers, food and fitness freaks and hoards of celebrities, right? Wrong! Meet Riverside, “The Midwest of the West.” The 13th largest metropolitan area in the country is home to hard-working people with great taste in music (Coachella and Stagecoach are held here), outdoor activities (skiing, beaches, theme parks to boot), and wine (Temecula wine is the stuff of legend). What else do you need? Our Riverside local advertising has access to the following:


Ask any Riverside local marketing agency in your area, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: the ability to advertise on your city’s most popular radio stations is the most valuable resource you can get your hands on when you’re in this business. However, just because other agencies may agree with us, doesn’t mean that they can give you the same connections as our Riverside local advertising agency. Only when you work with our experts at CBS Altitude Group will you get marketing access to Riverside’s most popular stations, including: KFROG 95.1, KFROG 92.9, and CBS Sports Radio 910.

And because our variety of CBS-owned Riverside radio stations span across multiple formats, your company’s word will be sure to catch your desired audience’s attention, whether they tuned in to get their daily dose of their favorite tunes, are keeping up with big gameday scores, or just like to have a companion on their workday commute.

To get your Riverside local advertising campaign off the ground and into action, contact our professionals at CBS Altitude Group today!

KFRG 95.1
CBS Sports Radio 910
KXRG 92.9