Phoenix local advertising

Phoenix Local Advertising

Phoenix in a word? Hot. Active. Besides being one of the fastest growing cities, Phoenix is perfect for outdoor activities all year round. Arizona is home to over 200 golf courses, tons of mountains for hiking, dunes for buggy-ing and centers for convention-ing. All of that plus a bustling downtown scene and home to the 2015 Super Bowl, the people of Phoenix have certainly earned their air conditioning. Phoenix local advertising is a cinch with access to far-reaching markets.


The key to building a successful Phoenix local advertising campaign is harnessing the resources needed to connect with your target audience on a personal level. That means not only appealing to them from a platform that they can trust, but catching them when they’re actually listening.

However, at the end of the day, it’s not always an easy feat to get your potential customers to notice you, let alone take the bait. Worst of all, attempting to build the connections you need on your own can take years. If you want to get your local advertising campaign off the ground as soon as possible, let our experts at CBS Altitude Group lend you a hand.

At our Phoenix local advertising agency, we already have the connections in place to get your word out there. Work with our experts today and you’ll finally have the resources you need to enter the world of Phoenix radio advertising.

Radio advertising, you ask? Why, of course. Our CBS Radio stations span across a number of different formats and are spread throughout 26 major markets nationwide, and they are home to 72 million listeners. When it comes to our locally owned stations in Phoenix, here are a few favorites that we can give you direct access to: KMLE Country at 107.9, 94.5 KOOL FM, and Phoenix’s LIVE 101.5. Contact us today to get your campaign started!

KMLE Country 107.9
94.5 KOOL FM
Live 101.5