local marketing agency in Philadelphia

Local Marketing Agency In Philadelphia

What do Bradley Cooper, Ben Franklin, cheesesteaks and our national bird have in common? PHILLY! A city of pride and “Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia is an east coast destination with enough attractions for every type of vacationer: Legendary destinations for your favorite foodie, champion sports teams for the jocks (E-A-G-L-E-S!), the freakin’ King of Prussia mall, and American history for the patriot in all of us… and did we mention steak covered in cheese? See the opportunities our local marketing agency in Philadelphia can provide.


When you work with our local marketing agency in Philadelphia, one of the first resources that you’ll have at your disposal is access to a number of Philly’s most-listened-to radio stations—because, really, what better way is there to get your word out to the local market than to advertise on a platform that you know they’ll be listening/paying attention to?

CBS Altitude Group harnesses the full power of CBS Radio’s major market radio stations. When it comes to the stations that hail from Philly, you’ll have access to: KYW Newsradio 1060, Sportsradio 94WIP, 96.5 Amp Radio, 92.5 XTU, 98.1 WOGL, and more.

KYW NewsRadio 1060
CBS Sports Radio 610
SportsRadio 94WIP
98.1 WOGL
95.5 WXTU
Wired 965 WRDW


Another asset that you’ll have in your repertoire when working with our local marketing agency in Philadelphia is access to CBS Philly, the Philadelphia-centered branch of CBS Local Digital. It’s not always easy to market to a local audience online, but our web page is the place that Philadelphians (and tourists visiting the area for local attractions) flock to when they’re looking for updates on local news stories, weather and traffic reports, gameday highlights, “Best Of” compilations and more.

CBS Philly


At CBS Altitude Group, we love our Philadelphia radio advertising, but when you’re backed by a legendary network like we are, there’s a resource that clients immediately look for: television. Wait no longer, we’re more than happy to deliver. When you work with our agency, you’ll have access to two local stations: CBS 3 and The CW Philly 57. Contact us to get started and you can be on the road to supercharging your local advertising campaign!

The CW Philly