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Local Marketing Agency In Hartford

Connecticut is home the first-ever FM radio station, making Hartford legendary in it’s own right. Between beaches in the summer, skiing in the winter, festivals in the summer and sports all year round, Hartford is pretty far from ordinary. You’ll find that as a local marketing agency in Hartford, our market connections are pretty extraordinary, too. PS- Did you that Hartford is the birthplace of pizza? *Books Ticket*


Our local marketing agency in Hartford goes above and beyond the competition to give you the best resources for connecting with potential customers in the area. Our key to building a successful local advertising campaign starts with utilizing local radio stations to their fullest potential.

At CBS Altitude Group, we have access to CBS Radio’s powerhouse of top-rated local stations, which span across a variety of formats. For our clients that are interested in Hartford local advertising, we can give you marketing access to these area favorites: WRCH Lite 100.5, 96.5 TIC FM, WZMX HOT 93.7, and WTIC NewsTalk 1080.

Whether listeners are tuning in on their morning commute, throughout the workday, or as they unwind in the evening, your company’s word will reach them loud and clear.

WRCH Lite 100.5
WTIC NewsTalk 1080
96.5 TIC
Hot 93.7


Another asset that you can add to your repertoire with the help of our local marketing agency in Hartford is access to CBS Connecticut. As you may know, digital marketing is all the rage, but it can be difficult to make sure that you’re advertising to a local market while on the World Wide Web. However, with our heavily-trafficked, Connecticut-centered branch of CBS Local Digital at your disposal, we’ve already done all of the hard work for you.

When locals are looking for area news stories, sports highlights, articles about local government, traffic and weather reports, and more, they come to CBS Connecticut—all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the flurry of new customers. Contact our agency today to get started!

CBS Connecticut