Mix the buzz of big city life with the comfort of a small town, add in spectacular waterfronts and legendary crab cakes and finish with a sprinkle of world famous sports teams and dash of David Hasselhoff, and what do you get? Baltimore. From Fort McHenry (the site of the writing of our National Anthem) to Camden Yards,  to the Victorian mansions and rolling hills, Baltimore is a perfect mix of old and new. By the way… they’re never giving up the secret to the crab cakes… Our Baltimore local marketing agency has access to the following:


When it comes to Baltimore local advertising, one of the best ways for your company to connect with consumers is by introducing your brand via their favorite radio stations. Whether they’re on their morning commute, tuning in for traffic and weather updates throughout the day, or keeping their head in the game during a quick halftime run, you’ll be able to get your word out in the rare moment that they’re actually listening. With CBS Altitude Group, you’ll have plenty of stations at your disposal, including CBS Sports Radio 1300, 105.7 The FAN, Today’s 101.9, and Mix 106.5!

CBS Sports Radio 1300
105.7 The Fan
101.9 Lite FM
Mix 106.5


In today’s day in age—when almost everywhere you turn, someone’s eyes are glued to their smartphone—another resource that you can count on for local advertising is, you guessed it, digital. Nine times out of ten, when someone’s looking for updates on local news stories, big game highlights, “Best Of” compilations, politics, TV schedules, and more, they turn to their smartphones; and when you work with our Baltimore local marketing agency, you’ll be able to advertise on our heavily-trafficked digital platform, CBS Baltimore.

CBS Baltimore


The third resource that our Baltimore local marketing agency can put at your disposal is something that we’re quite well-known for: television. At CBS Altitude Group, while we’re backed by a legendary network that is known all across the nation. We also know how to excel at a local scale. In Baltimore, we can help you amp up your local advertising with access to none other than WJZ-TV. For any questions, feel free to contact us today!