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The birthplace of the Civil Rights movement, home to legendary universities (Go Dawgs!), and too many streets named “Peachtree”: welcome THE “A”! An insane nightlife scene, a deeply-rooted history, and famous Dogwood trees come together to create the infectious energy that only Atlanta can claim. Plus, who doesn’t love a southern accent? CBS Altitude Group is your answer to Atlanta local advertising.


When it comes to Atlanta local advertising, one of the best ways for your business to connect with potential consumers is by harnessing the power found in good old-fashioned radio. With the help of CBS Altitude Group, which is plugged into the full repertoire of CBS RADIO’s top-rated stations in 26 markets nationwide, you’ll be able to connect with your consumers in “The A” via V-103 The People’s Station, 92-9 The Game, and WAOK 1380, which is Atlanta’s home for breaking news, local news, business, sports, and entertainment updates on the AM dial.

1380 WAOK-AM
92.9 The Game


Another great forum you can use to connect with local consumers is CBS Local Digital. In today’s society, no matter where you look, people are hypnotized by their desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. When they’re looking to get their daily fix of local news stories, sports updates, celebrity gossip and more, many choose to do it at the click of a button. As any Atlanta local marketing agency knows, tapping into the strongest digital media resource in the area is the key to Atlanta local advertising. With CBS Altitude Group, you’ll be able to do just that with access to CBS Atlanta.

CBS Atlanta


Another traditional resource that can be used for Atlanta local advertising is—you guessed it—television. With the power of a legendary network at its back, CBS Altitude Group is able to give viewers everything they want—from top-rated programming to the season’s hottest award specials—all while focusing on a given city’s local viewer base. In Atlanta, that means that you’ll have access to none other than CW69.

CW 69