I’ve never been to this site before. Where should I start?

A: We’re all about a good first impression, so let us wow you with our **FLAWLESS** headshots.

Where are you located?

Contact us here.

I want to get in touch with CBS Altitude. Who do I reach out to?

A: Give us a call at (212) 649-4589 or email us at altitude@cbs.com.

When is the best time to contact you?

A: Is that a serious question? Any time, you silly goose.

When was the Altitude Group created?
Originally created in 2003 as Infinity Solutions and Beyond, the division was later renamed Altitude, reflecting the group’s expertise in taking marketing ideas to another level using CBS’s local media assets, including radio, television, digital, mobile, streaming and live events.

Help! I’m looking for your Marketing Masters video series.

You’ve come to the right place. Find all of our interviews with the industry’s best at www.cbsmarketingmasters.com.

What’s the difference between the Strategy and Business Development teams?

A: The creative minds of our Strategy team listen to brands, identify the right local digital marketing services, and create cool ideas to make sure they’re met. Our Biz Dev team is full of amazing people people (people persons? a group of people persons?) that create and maintain agency relationships and make sure campaigns are taken care of from start to finish.

Who have you worked with?

A: Find out more about our local digital marketing services including clients and projects inside our Case Studies page.

Where can I find more information about CBS Radio properties?

A: Our interactive map lists each market and its assets, but if maps aren’t your thing, more information can be found at CBSRadio.com.

Is the Altitude Group on social media?

Yes. Yes! A thousound times yes! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus. While you’re at it, visit our blog!

Have we answered your questions? If not, please give us a call!