Small business owners need to wear them all  from Finance to HR to Legal andMarketing  so we created a content platform to help them navigate the process.

The Assignment

There wasn’t one! We saw a need for a multi-faceted resourcefor small business owners and dove right in.  

What we’re doing

 In collaboration with the CBS Local Digital group, CBS LocalTelevision Stations Group, CBS Radio, Simon & Schuster and other CBSentities, we developed the CBS Small Business Pulse.  At the heart of the brandis the website CBSPulse.com, which features tips and insights for small business owners in the areas of Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Technology, and Legal. The program is amplified by promotional support across CBS assets, outliningkey business tips and information, brought to listeners by our founding partners: Bank of America Merchant Services, FirstData, and Office Depot OfficeMax.

What makes it great

We created a resource for people who live their business.Our team understands how busy the lives of small business owners can be, howtimely information needs to be, and how early and often it needs to be available. “The Pulse” has seen great success with engagement from the CBS audience, from site visits to social media. Small business owners are obsessed with their businesses, and we can relate.