It’s not always easy to get men to use protection. But we figured out how.

The Assignment

Encourage Los Angeles County residents to practice safer sex by using condoms, and prevent and control the spread of HIV and STDs among specific target audiences in Spanish & English.

What We Did

With a massive network of partners and localized efforts, CBS created a unique integrated program that nailed the objective. A few highlights:

  • Launching the first all gay episode of Love Line
  • Working with multiple LGBT intramural athletic teams
  • Distributing over 2 million free condoms via our 500 distribution partners
  • Activating radio personality Psycho Mike as a spokesperson
  • Managing a 40-foot mobile condom distribution vehicle
  • Partnering with local CBS stations inside the pride parades and festivals
  • And, our favorite… Launching the “Show Us Your Package” condom-wrapper-design contest with LA County… ultimately creating the first official LA-branded condom: a bowtie with the tagline “Suit Up LA.”

What Made It Great

When people think about engaging with the LGBT community, they might not think of CBS…But we proved that our unparalleled local assets and relationships connect with hard-to-reach audiences and transform lives.