How we launched over 3800 unique conversations around Chevy in just four days.

The Assignment

Chevy asked us to help create MASSIVE brand conversation around the new Chevy Cruze and their mysterious press release done ENTIRELY IN EMOJIS.

What we did

In just two weeks – from initial briefing to air – CBS Altitude Group mobilized CBS RADIO talent across the country to incorporate EMOJIS into their shows. Suddenly weather reports had “beach balls emojis” in them. Conversations about great songs included “thumbs up and smiley face emojis.”

All messaging drove listeners to a social feed and Chevy micro-site where they could join the fun and take a shot at decoding the mystery press release.

Recap Video

What Made It Great

It did way more than any commercial could do. Emojis and Chevy were PART of DJ conversations with their listeners. Their audience was surprised and engaged. Listen here for a short sample of the awesomeness.

Chevy Emoji messaging was heard by more than 40 million listeners over four days and the content even attracted some earned media