Our original content series spotlighted Schwab advisors letting them show their expertise and reach millions of listeners.

The Assignment

As part of their “Questions” campaign, Charles Schwab wanted to showcase their financial consultants as real, approachable experts who live in your community.

What we did

Created an original content series from the ground up. “Managing Your Wealth,” became a brand franchise that continues to live on trusted CBS RADIO news stations. The 90-second programs feature local Schwab financial consultants answering key financial questions relevant to the local market. The scale of this program is enormous. Over the course of the campaign we have interviewed dozens of financial consultants in eight major markets and produced over 297 unique segments.

Managing Your Wealth with Brennan Miller

Managing Your Wealth with Chris Veale

What made it great

For the audience, this became true “destination listening.” Each day, investors tuned-in to hear answers to timely financial questions from the experts who live in their town.

For the Schwab consultants, recording in CBS RADIO studios was exciting. And the program served as a valuable way to connect with potential investors in their local market. Besides, who doesn’t love being heard by millions of people on the radio?