With FIAT, Storytelling and Inspiration

What drives you?

That’s the question asked of some amazing everyday  people in “Alternate Routes,” the new storytelling series that we helped to create with Universal McCann and RadioFace for FIAT.

The program features two-minute on-air vignettes told before live audiences that are instructive, sad, cringe-inducing and hilarious. Listeners to radio shows like “This American Life” or “The Moth” will be familiar with the format.  A performer gets up in front of an audience and tells a story.  Simple enough, right?!

“Alternate Routes” stories are always passionate, insightful and surprising.  And, they quite nicely mirror FIAT’s inspiring “Life is best when driven” message.

CBS Radio stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Orlando broadcast abbreviated versions of the live performances and these radio vignettes promote FIAT’s Facebook page, where they can be seen in their entirety as they happened before a live audience.

The campaign features 12 over-the-air stories (and almost 20 videos) which play over an eight-week period and they are already getting some really nice mentions in the press — even in Detroit, where they know a thing or two about cars.

To say we enjoyed working on this would be an understatement . . . we encourage you to check it out!

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