DraftKings and CBS Partner to Create “The Perfect Lineup”

What’s the perfect lineup?

It’s something every fantasy football player racks their brain about before kickoff. It cause sleepless nights and the inevitable last minute adds and drops — usually causing a great feeling of regret after the fact.

Today, CBS and DraftKings released “The Perfect Line-Up,” one of those campaigns that makes me love my job.

Fantasy sports veterans Scott Gramling and Marc Malusis, with a little help from CBS Television, filmed 30-second and 2-minute spots offering killer lineup advice to promote the amazing competitions DraftKings puts on every week. It airs in 14 markets:  Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Scott and Marc are currently hosts of CBS Local Sports’ Fantasy Football Radio, where they review the latest headlines, talk daily leagues, and more.

The set was decked out with DraftKings and football set decorations, and no small detail was left overlooked. From replica championship trophies to a football-themed chess set and custom-made DraftKings football jerseys, the set reflected the fact that this segment is by sports fans,  for sports fans.


The CBS and DraftKings partnership began as a straightforward radio play, promoting local market promo codes and NFL season contests with talent endorsements, a Monday Morning football wrap-up feature, and pre-produced messaging. The program has since grown to include “The Perfect Lineup” for Television (and coming soon, radio!) and will continue to evolve in 2015 to cover multiple sports across markets.

Be sure to check out DraftKings.com and register with the free promo code: PERFECT