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Wendy’s and CBS Partner on Treats Via Truck


Sr. Manager , Activation


The Wendy’s FruitTea Chiller truck at Yankee Stadium.

It’s summer again, and that mean’s we’re all looking for respite from the heat. As the AC turns up, so too does our demand for our favorite summer beverage: iced tea. Wendy’s has answered that call with their new line of Fruitea Chillers, and is getting the word out by delivering refreshment to passers-by in need.

We partnered with Wendy’s to brand a massive 28-foot long truck in Wendy’s branding and Fruitea imagery. For 8 weeks, we’ll be driving around the tri-state area handing out free chillers. The truck is stocked with restaurant-grade tea brewers and bubblers to provide free refreshment to everyone we see.

chillers-policeIn addition to various high traffic locations in the Big Apple, the truck will stop by transit hubs in New Jersey and great summer festivals, charity events and station events for the CBS Radio family.

The Fruitea Chillers are made for summer. “Consumers are looking for more fresh options and Wendy’s built its foundation on bringing customers the quality, seasonal ingredients that differentiate us from others in the industry,” said Liz Geraghty, Wendy’s vice president of brand marketing. “With warmer months giving way to a new season of premium ingredients, we capture the essence of summer with fresh tastes in Wendy’s seasonal salad and beverages to satisfy consumers’ cravings.”

chillers-fourThe drinks mix Honest Green Tea with fruit purees and juices and are only available for a limited time. The current flavors are Blueberry Pineapple and Orange Mango.

The news comes along with other exciting developments over at Wendy’s. Last month, Kurt Kane joined Wendy’s at the Chief Concept Officer after leaving his position of Global Chief Marketing and Food Innovation Officer at Pizza Hut.

The Fruitea Chillers are just part of a larger story that Wendy’s is telling about their fresh ingredients. In March, they aired a Go-Pro style commercial of the journey its romaine lettuce takes from farm to restaurant. And their partnership with Honest Tea is no coincidence, the company prides itself on being organic and fair trade.

And its’ not the first time that we’ve had the pleasure of working with Wendy’s on a sampling project. Our program to sample Redhead Roasters Coffee from a fully-equipped and branded food truck distributed well over 20,000 samples of Redhead Roasters coffee and coupons.

It’s certainly a story we here at Altitude would like to hear more of.