University of Phoenix Unveils “Hall of Success” Creative

hall of fame

The University of Phoenix has unveiled some great new creative, titled “Hall of Success” that celebrates the accomplishments of their 800,000 graduates.

We’ve talked before about great marketing from the University of Phoenix. Last November, we sat down with Arra Yerganian, the Chief Marketing Officer of University of Phoenix, to talk about a series of TV spots they debuted at the Emmy Awards.

In America, 3.7 million jobs are going unfilled due to a lack of educated or skilled workers. University of Phoenix is tackling this issue head-on through its groundbreaking new Let’s Get to Work campaign.

In the first ever video edition of Marketing Masters, Yerganian spoke about how their initiative directly addresses the gap between the skills that job seekers have and the skills employers need.

Yerganian noted that in addition to television, he finds radio to be extremely compelling, especially to a student audience that usually commutes to work or school. “Ads that work, emote,” he noted, and pull at your heartstrings.

And the University of Phoenix’s latest spot certainly does just that.

In an era of economic recession, it is easy for young people to feel hopeless about future job prospects. The “Hall of Success” ad introduces hope into the conversation by featuring some of the many University of Phoenix success stories:  Maria Salazar, executive director at the Red Cross; Garlin Smith, account director at Yahoo; and of course, two of CBS Radio’s own: Zach Martin and Paul Diaz.

Each success story is represented as a portrait in a hall of thousands. Ending with “we’ve got a frame waiting for you,” the commercial invokes hope for the millions of Americans still looking to start their careers.

Marketing a college isn’t easy. Convincing an audience to make a 2-6 year commitment for your product in the hopes of getting a not-yet-secured job takes some marketing ingenuity. But the University of Phoenix has done just that, by providing emotive marketing that inspires their audience to make more of their lives with a college education.

Watch the spot below.