Unbeatable Sports Coverage and the CBS Advantage

It’s a great feeling to work at a company that is being referred to as “King of the Mountain in 2013.”

Earlier today, MediaPost published a blog post spotlighting some of the high-profile sporting events associated with the CBS name. The post goes on to give some essential advice to any advertiser looking to maximize their investment with a sports sponsorship:

1) Start early. Begin conversations as early as possible (e.g., a year out) to allow lots of lead time for the best chance of a meaningful presence.

2) Integrate. Prepare for bundle buying, as these sought-after sports events sell for premium pricing. The network will force a vertical bundled buy across their digital and on-air properties. So make sure your creative has legs.

3) Steal mindshare. We saw great examples of this from Beats by Dre and Nike around the London Olympics. If you get creative, you can hijack mindshare without paying full freight. Consider activating influencers and blitzing earned media channels, as opposed to a formal buy.

4) Pray for great storylines and match-ups! Nothing generates eyeballs like two brothers facing each other in the Super Bowl, or Butler’s Cinderella challenging Duke’s royalty in the NCAA title game. This, of course, can’t be controlled, but with some sports marketing expertise and a “long lens,” you may be able to diagnose a great sports story before it unfolds.

Whether it’s our unparalleled access to marquee sporting events and stars, or our groundbreaking launch of a national radio network, sports is in our DNA.

And of course, it’s not just on TV.

At the CBS Altitude Group, we’re here to amplify your message through every medium. Real sports fans never stop following the game and neither do we.