Two Airlines Bring Innovation to In Flight Videos


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For regular flyers, the humdrum of air travel has become an unfortunate fact of life. After an hour or more of lines, security and boarding, flyers are subjected to a mandatory lecture that, for some, has been heard over 100 times.  But two airlines are adding a bit of spunk to the monotony of in-flight safety videos.

Virgin America last month unveiled an in-flight safety video that’s as informative as it is catchy. The 5-minute video features a choreographed song and dance that traverses multiple genres. Rapping about oxygen masks, techno-infused flotation devices and a Beyonce-esque melody about evacuation are just some of the component of Virgin’s medley.

And this adorable child reminds you that smoking on a plane is never allowed. virgin america safety dance

It’s not the first time Virgin America has added a dose of humor to it’s in-flight safety videos. Mashable notes this 2007 video from Virgin America where they teach the “.001 of people who have never operated a seat belt” how to properly use one.

This may be the only in-flight safety video I’ve elected to watch twice.

Watch it below.

Whereas Virgin America breaks the molds, Delta spruces up their safety video with some subtle humor. Released in time for the holidays, it’s chock full of hidden holiday references, and a brief cameo by Jeopardy legend Alex Trebek. Viewers have to pay closer attention to catch references to “A Christmas Story” or a quick shot of a “No Regifting” sign.

Watch it below.

Delta and Virgin America’s brilliant re-imagining of the tired in-flight safety video is more than just a dose of humor. It’s indicative of both company’s strive to connect with its customers on a very human level. After all, bringing a smile to someone’s face is one of the most important thing a brand can ever do.

Plenty of other airline companies have done their own take on the in-flight safety video. Fortunately, re-inventing a tired classic never gets old. Techblog Gizmodo broke down their 12 favorite safety video re-imaginings, which included the Virgin America video. Air New Zealand’s “Fit to Fly” delivers its message with a Richard Simmons dance routine, and Cebu Airlines has its stewards do a live demonstration to the musical styling of Lady Gaga.

It only goes to show that sometimes a limiting format allows creativity to really shine. There is, on surface, only so much to do with a video about buckling your seat-belt and turning your electronics off. But Virgin America and Delta took up the challenge, and it worked. It’s this kind of creativity that really adds life back into the creative world, where playing it safe is, unfortunately, the status quo.