Twitter Hops on Board the Local Media Train

Another big win for local media: Twitter is finally giving advertisers what they’ve been asking for…geo-relevant ads. It’s also giving them more-detailed user analytics that will allow marketers to fine-tune their tweets and figure out who exactly is paying attention to them.

As brands dive deeper and deeper into social networking platforms, they are constantly looking for new ways to engage with their most loyal consumers. Twitter’s new advertising dashboard — named the “Follower Dashboard” — helps brands get to know these consumers who are tweeting more and more every day.

The new Twitter Dashboard will allow advertisers to do something CBS has been on top of for years: Geo-target consumers with location relevant ads that they care most about.  Geo-targeting on Twitter is available in 210 cities in the U.S. and more than 100 countries, with additions in the near future. Though a partnership with AOL and YAHOO! Radio, CBS Altitude has the ability to both Geo and Demo target ads nationwide for our partners.

Twitter’s new analytics dashboard provides brands greater insights into the audience of followers they’ve built on Twitter — where they live, how they grew over time, their level of engagement — and a glimpse at their other interests… priceless data when trying to learn as much as possible about target consumers.

As the digital and social fields continue to grow, so does internet radio and the full suite of CBS Local and CBS Interactive Music Group Sites. Through our partnership with TargetSpot (, AOL and YAHOO! Radio, CBS is leading the industry through innovative ideas and concepts that deliver results for our partners. Did you know that more than 69 Million people listen to internet radio each month? That is more than a 27% increase over 2008.

If you are a fan of Groupon or Living Social, CBS Local Offers may be right up your alley. All the benefits of these ever-so-popular group buying programs WITH local radio and TV exposure as added value for your brand. The local possibilities are endless through the CBS Altitude Group in helping your brand soar both locally AND nationally.

Special thanks to Twitter for helping us drive the local message home. By the way, follow the Altitude Group on Twitter @CBSAltitude and myself @RyderRadio.

(Click here to learn more about Twitter’s new local strategy)