Turning the Town Truvia!

We are happy to announce that our new multi-market campaign, “Turning the Town Truvia” kicked-off this Monday, October 1st. I am so excited to see it come to life after several months of planning. The campaign launched in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Seattle and includes custom radio spots aired by 14 of our top talent. We are currently in the “Discovery and Education” phase of the program, when talent drive listeners to each market’s specific website and encourage them to learn more about making Truvia a part of their daily routine.

Listeners are encouraged to nominate their favorite local eateries to “Turn Truvia”—adopt Truvia as their new sweetener of choice in recipes—and have a chance to win something sweet for themselves, including a $50 gift card and a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize. The Facebook app is super user-friendly and best of all, encourages participants to SHARE THE EXPERIENCE.

This significant social media aspect of this campaign allows traditional radio to really pop visually online, and brings the whole program together, full-circle, in one hub. Truvia already has a substantial social media following and it continues to grow as “Turning the Town Truvia” gains even more exposure, not only on radio, but also in digital placements on CBS Local websites, television spots with featured eateries, and Out of Home placements. We encourage EVERYONE in the Altitude Group and CBS to try the experience!

CBS Radio Talent are endorsing the product and have a very honest connection with it that definitely comes across on the radio. Kitchens in the studios—as well as our own kitchens here in the CBS corporate offices—have “Turned Truvia,” offering Truvia as a new, healthy option for our coffee-fueled lives. We are looking forward to seeing this campaign develop as the holidays approach as well. Truvia is a versatile product that can also be used in baked goods, so we have some fun incorporation of that to come to radio as well as remote broadcasts.

View the local programs via the following urls:

Stay tuned!