Toyota and’s New Social Network

Toyota is partnering with to create a new Social Media Platform to connect dealers to their vehicles and the brand, itself.  The thought behind the network was put best by Robin Daniels, the director of product marketing at

The future is really going social and mobile, and the ultimate mobile device is your car. But right now it is disconnected from what’s going on in terms of other drivers, dealers, and owners. This network gives customers an opportunity to connect in a new way and in real time.

Brands from every industry have sought to create communities of loyal customers – hence the explosion of Facebook pages.  What is distinct between a Facebook page and this new platform is the level of engagement between the brand, in this case Toyota, and a customer as well as the amount of information the consumer is fed about themselves and their surroundings.  Could this be the new frontier of the social media connection between consumers and brands?  Likely not exclusively, since the partnership will cost approximately $12.2 million between Toyota, and Microsoft.

Either way, we commend the innovation and look forward to more explosive, game-changing ideas.

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