Top 9 Tweetable Quotes from Advertising Week’s Best Minds


Advertising Week took over NYC this week bringing some of the biggest names in marketing from clients, agencies, media, content partners and more to stages all around Times Square.

It’s amazing how, despite their preordained topic, most of the panels seemed destined to shift to a few key topics: Creativity/Innovation, Content Marketing/Storytelling, Cross-Platform Solutions, Technology & Data, Programmatic, Mobile e-Commerce, and Consumer Engagement.

Here are some of the best quotes from Ad Week’s best minds. Got your own? Let us know @CBSAltitude.

“The simpler the consumer journey, the better the commerce performance will be.”

-Jill Toscano Vice President, US Media, American Express
Regarding Mobile e-Commerce

“We’re just figuring out the e-commerce funnel on mobile.”

-Kevin Weatherman Director, Global Strategic Publisher Sales, Twitter/MoPub
Regarding Mobile e-Commerce

 “It comes down to access, giving the consumer something they can’t get anywhere else.”

-Jeffrey Moran Vice President of Public Relations, Events and Lifestyle Marketing at Pernod Ricard USA
Regarding Consumer Engagement

“Sometimes you need to put yourself out there and take a risk.”

-David Beebe Vice President, Global Creative and Content Marketing. Marriott International
Regarding Creativity/Innovation

“It’s getting the story out there from someone people want to listen to.”

-Lisa Cochrane, SVP Marketing, Allstate Insurance
Regarding Content Marketing/Storytelling

“A compelling story is time honored.”

-Linda Boff, Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, GE 
Regarding Content Marketing/Storytelling

“Don’t make the content suck.”

-Mr. Marriott via David Beebe, Vice President, Global Creative and Content Marketing, Marriott International
Regarding Content Marketing/Storytelling

“You can’t silo digital marketing from traditional marketing.”

-Amy Pasca, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, US Skincare Brands, Johnson & Johnson
Regarding Content Marketing/Storytelling

“We have a little parade you may have heard on Black Friday Eve.”

-Jennifer Kasper, GVP, Digital/New Media & Multicultural Marketing, Macy’s
Regarding Consumer Engagement