TL;DR: The One Sentence Recap of Advertising Week’s Greatest Insights

This year’s Advertising Week was incredible. Unfortunately, there are too many panels for one human-being to physically go to. So we did the next best thing, we sent out our AG staffers to do a little recon on some of the most exciting panels and capture the essence of the panel in one sentence or quote.

Enjoy our #OneSentenceRecaps.

“Staying on top of change while focusing on the next big idea keeps me up at night.”

-Lisa Cochrane, CMO Allstate,
What Keeps CMO’s Up at Night?

“If you’re not telling your story well, you’re an interruption


-From a Story Told to a Story Lived

“Data in a vacuum means nothing. Context matters.”

-Jeremy Levine,
How to Build an Influential Brand

“The goal of branded content should be that both the brand and the publisher comes out looking better than they did before.”

Ze Frank of Buzzfeed Motion Picture, The Social Experiment
– Creating A New Media Model

“You are living in the dark ages if you think you can be successful in radio without a strong social media connection.”

Angie Martinez,
The Voices of the Original Social Media

“Work at the speed of culture:  Anticipate, respond and repeat.”

-How to Build an Influential Brand

“Imagination is essential to reaching innovation. To achieve great things, you need to embrace technology and forge amazing partnerships that bring great minds together.”

-Unleashing Potential: Creativity & Innovation

“To be a successful strategist you have to be curious and restless, because the best revelations are in the things you don’t know yet.”

-Wired Strategist

“You don’t get more local than the people you choose to spend time with. Local starts with social in that sense.”

-Greg James,
Reinventing Local Media

“There are no sports fans. There are Giants fans and Bulls fans. Marketers need to have that conversation in that context.”

-Alan Blum,
Reinventing Local Media