The World’s Most Popular Lyrics Site Joins the CBS Family

As long as people write songs, other people will misinterpret the lyrics. It’s been happening since the Jimi Hendrix Experience released Purple Haze in 1967. The “Excuse me while I kiss this guy” line is considered the grand daddy of misunderstood lyrics. Regardless, we all love to sing along to our favorite songs. In the car, in the shower, at the bar with your friends. That will never change. Besides singing out of key, half the time we don’t even know what we’re singing.

Now, CBS is proud to join forces and introduce you to a website that could help you get those words right at your next sing-along. MetroLyrics ( is the most comprehensive database of legal lyrics in the world with words to more than 700,000 songs. The site alone generates over 25 million unique users a month across the globe. Nearly 12 million of those are in the United States (comScore, Aug 2011).

This partnership gives significant expansion to the CBS Interactive Music Groups streaming, personalized radio, on-demand and editorial franchises, now reaching nearly double of its nearest competitor.

The MetroLyrics website has recently relaunched, presenting a very powerful user experience for the consumer, powered by, and Experience it for yourself by clicking here!