The Remarkable Power of a ‘Priceless’ Campaign

For almost 17 years, MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign has set the high water mark for powerful, transformational branding.

From the very first television commercial in 1997, MasterCard has proven again and again that “Priceless” is a durable, ” big tent” of a concept, enabling the company to be mysteriouscute, and inventive all under the aegis of a single potent word. Perhaps most notably, the idea of Priceless perfectly reflects the enduring feelings of trust and loyalty that people have for the company.

In fact, “Priceless” has almost become timeless itself, growing more beloved every year; always reflecting consumer loyalty and trust. As Kevin Allen, who was involved with the start of the campaign, recently told AdWeek: “I think perhaps we as an industry lose interest and patience with our own ideas a heck of a lot faster than the consumer does.”

What was the thinking is behind this monumental campaign and what’s next? In the latest installment of Marketing Masters, we sat down with Ben Jankowski, Group Global Media Head for MasterCard and Cheryl Guerin, Executive Vice President, US Marketing for MasterCard to find out more about the campaign’s history and it’s future.