The New Consumer Frontier


Director of Operations

Privacy Schmivacy…….Location-based partnerships such as AT&T and Placecast are just the beginning of the next generation of consumer engagement as location-based shopping services may be what overcomes privacy concerns as getting “the deal” becomes paramount.

Consumers will be alerted when they are near a location that they are interested in or when the brand is offering sales and specials. ShopAlerts’ technology uses “geo-fences,” which are virtual boundaries that can be targeted via location-based marketing. Retailers can customize alerts to fit their brand and strategy.

Imagine a world where each morning consumers choose categories/brands/retailers from which they will accept offers. Monday is shoes and restaurants while Wednesday is H&M and theatre tickets….or imagine walking past Barneys New York and being invited to a private showing from a top designer, reserving your spot with one click of your Smartphone. The social media/network implications are just as powerful as you are able to inform and/or share your deal through FB and other social networks. Imagine a “breadcrumb” feature that enables you to recall and share those walking routes that provided the best/most deals.

Exciting stuff!

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