The Magic of Radio

This is a persuasive article about how Broadcast Radio creates a powerful effect on the people listening that stands out from other music mediums. The author offers some really great insights as to why radio creates a magical experience.

Bob Pittman’s speech at The Radio Show in Chicago expertly outlined all of the reasons why radio remains a vibrant and vital medium. His Sept. 15 presentation was full of facts that put radio’s true position in today’s media universe into perspective. He used the word “magic” while describing the medium and he wasn’t wrong.

There really is something almost magical about radio’s ability to make music sound more exciting, satisfying and bigger than life. That’s a huge benefit of “broadcasting”. We call this radio’s music “multiplier” effect. It’s when you listen, enjoy, and sometimes turn up the volume of a song on the radio that you’d normally click past on your iPod or “thumb down” on your personalized Internet station. Songs played on air seem to resonate differently due to a combination of serendipity and surprise.

Maybe this is why many of us are more likely to crank up the music when it comes on the radio than our iPod. Have you ever noticed that a movie viewed in a theatre is usually a more powerful viewing experience than when viewed alone at home on TV? The same phenomenon is at play when listening to music on the radio. The contextual and social environment in which a product is consumed does make a difference.

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