Here at the Altitude Group, we believe that it’s all about brands.

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, the CEO of, Jerry McLaughlin, points out that for most companies, their most valuable asset is a strong brand message.

McLaughlin describes some examples including powerhouses such as Apple, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola.

He makes the point of brand power in this way:

Would you rather own all the factories, trucks, and offices that belong to Coca-Cola – ranked #1 for the 12th consecutive year in Interbrand’s annual “Best Global Brands” report; or would you rather own the exclusive worldwide right to market a soda under the Coke trademark? Ultimately the value of a brand is tied to its capacity to increase profits for its owner.

This is where media partners like the Altitude Group come into play. We have lots of ways to enhance brands through messaging that starts with music and the spoken word but leverages touch points across diverse media. With our vast array of assets, we offer almost innumerable ways to reach customers where they live. Whether it’s our 130 major market stations, sports broadcasts, local digital media, or our 3000+ local events, the Altitude Group helps companies connect with their customers.

Media buyers come back to the Altitude Group because of the exciting ways we bring their brand message to life and for our unparalleled ability to integrate custom programming idea for each client. We have no shortage of innovative ways to bring CBS assets to your brand and target demographic.

McLaughlin ends his Forbes article with this: “A strong brand protects your sales, improves your margins, and ensures your resilience… That’s why we all should want to actively build our brands: it’s where the money is.”

Start building your brand with us today!