The Game of Real-Time Marketing: Some Success Stories

Last Sunday, HBO aired the season premiere of the hit series Game of Thrones to serious fanfare. While fans were watching, brands joined the social conversation. According to Twitter analytic platform, Topsy, Game of Thrones amassed over 200,000 mentions on Twitter (40,000 of which used the hashtag #GoT) on premiere day. Uproxx noted some winners, and losers, in the game of Game of Thrones marketing, and it’s worth a look.

Of course, Game of Thrones isn’t the only raved about TV series that brands are talking about. Here are some of our favorites from the recent past.

Clorox on Games of Thrones

While some brands were a little heavy-handed on the “throne” jokes, this one seemed just right.

Kia on Doctor Who

Perfect for the nerd in all of us.

A dash of self-deprecating humor can be good on occasion.

Domino’s on Mad Men

Domino’s followed this up with a tweet saying “JK you can still order online,” just in case you were confused.

Miller Lite on Better Call Saul

Miller Lite’s twist on the safe scene made for a subtle joke that didn’t spoil the show for anyone not watching.

So what makes for good real-time marketing on Twitter? If you want to avoid getting panned, don’t take the easy route. Lazy concepts will easily draw the ire of fans, but original and inventive concepts are sure to be celebrated.