The Future is Ours

It was over month ago that an old friend of mine shared this piece called The Future Is Ours. I find it to be an inspirational sanctuary, no matter the mood. I thought it was time to contribute to its movement. Who knows how far it’s reached since it was first shared. I mean gosh, a lots happened since then… landing on Mars! Think about it, the future is ours. Now stop. It’s easy to get lost within the unfathomable possibilities and opportunities of just six letters. Check out the video:

After viewing the video I tried to take a step back and think about how much things have evolved in such short amount time, especially in the media space. Now I can’t say I have been in media long enough to really speak to its overarching evolution but I have certainly witnessed and taken part in its continued awesomeness every day. Remember the days of writing notes and passing them to your friends in your high school halls? That’s was the original way to “spread the word”. Now with the push of a button I can tell 100 people the same thing at the same time. This brings me back to my above statement “who knows how far it’s reached”? Social media has truly revolutionized almost everything we do and the way we do it. I discovered this video because someone shared it and I am almost certain its footprint would be lost without that very ability.
Being in the media biz, it’s 100 MPH every day. The ever changing landscape will not wait for us. We are at the behest of its ever evolving diversity and multifaceted ecosystem. I love the line in the video that says “let yourself be overwhelmed”. I can totally relate but how cool is it that we have so much to learn, to keep up with and as soon as we think we’ve figured it out, it changes. Love that! And our group embraces that!
But that’s also what excites me about what we do here at The Altitude Group. We have this innate ability to integrate ourselves across today’s AND tomorrow’s new media technology trends in order to create innovative and supercharged ways to channel and connect with consumers through the original wireless technology of RADIO.
Some of my favorite lines in the video that also relate back to what we at Altitude pride ourselves on are “Set No Boundaries”, “Destroy Unsolved Problems” and “Embrace Your Inner Troublemaker”. In one way or another we combine those principals with an unbridled passion for ideas in order to create infinite new ways of engagement for our clients.
In the end that’s all us folks at the Altitude Group are, a bunch of troublemakers trying to stir things up! Embrace our awesomeness!