Text Messaging as a Marketing Medium – GroupMe’s Forward Thinking

As texting becomes ever more popular, the mobile services company GroupMe recently launched a new service called “Featured Groups,” in which users allow  brands to send them special offers and “inside information.”  Brands will have the ability to “be a part of” your topical texts. Partners include Oxygen Media, the band Bon Jovi, and Bonnaroo and Coachella, two of the biggest annual concert events in the United States.  Michael Scogin, VP of MTV Mobile discusses the groundbreaking technology:

The benefit to brands is obvious: Text messaging has real potential as a marketing medium, and it’s gone largely untapped. “The average teenager texts an average of 3,400 text messages a month,” said Scogin. “For our audience, it’s their primary form of communication.”

The incentive for users is that of the suddenly ubiquitous social coupon or promotional offer—20 percent off tacos at Coachella’s food court! A chance to win backstage passes right now!—with the added value of “timely news.” Not to mention the tantalizing feeling of knowing, hoping, praying, that one day you might be able to text with the artists themselves!

There’s no question that a lot of radio listeners will want to experiment with this new technology.  New methods of extending brand messaging has always been a key component to our industry.

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