Target and The Power of Simplicity

Just as the chatter surrounding dancing sharks and depressing Super Bowl ads begins to fade, the 2015 Grammys stepped in, loud and clear. Too often big “tent pole” events fail to deliver the impact their sponsors crave. For music’s biggest night, Target gave fans more of what they crave: live music.

In the four minutes usually reserved for big brand messages, Imagine Dragons premiered their new single “Shots”, live in Las Vegas. Incorporating a 360-degree screen, LED jewelry on fans, helicopter footage and no fewer than 22 cameras, the performance proved that sometimes the strongest creative concept is the simplest.

Target VP of Marketing, William White said it best when interviewed by AdAge: “We had this idea that was very bold and very simple, too. What do fans want when they’re watching the music awards? More music performances.”

Sometimes the most simple ideas can be the ones that break through.