Super Bowl 2011 Recap

The Super Bowl for the advertising world is like the Oscars for the film industry or Christmas for consumers – it is a time of gifts and big surprises.  This year there was no shortage of fun things to comment on.

Some of our favorites Super Bowl Ads:

Volkswagen Darth Vader – Excellent.  Clever, cute way to show a cool functionality of the new Passat and make you smile (and share!).  Click here to see the video.

Chevrolet Glee Song – Fantastic.  Talk about mega integration.  Chevy took one of the hottest brands on TV and made their products relevant to a massive audience, created a song featuring the case of Glee that Chevy probably now owns and promoted the heck out of it.  We especially love how they weaved Chevrolet into the story line of the show – very cool.  Click here to see the video.

Chrysler – Inspirational. Using tough, scrappy reputation of Eminem to embody the resilience of America and, more specifically, Detroit (especially considering he lived there starting at age 12).  Chrysler managed to highlight a car, instill a sense of patriotism/nationalism and make it feel cool.  Not easy to do, very powerful when done right.  Click here to see the video.

And, for a really cool, overarching mash-up of all the commercials, watch this: