Summer Time Is Party Time at the Altitude Group


Here at the Altitude Group, we’re always finding reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s campfire milkshakes (yep) after a great presentation, the legendary, month-long “Bakeuary” or a Strawberry Shortcake themed party for a certain team member’s birthday, you could say we’re not just experts in local engagement…

If creating rich relationships with consumers in our local markets is our end game, taking time to engage with each other is a key part of how we make that happen. Between Activation and Strategy, Creative and Sales, our relationships are the heartbeat of our work, and that’s something to celebrate.

Enter the #AltitudeSummerBash. This year, the team gathered on the rooftop of Hudson Terrace for an afternoon of cocktails and conversation, not to mention plenty of snacks and insane gift bags.

While we’re at it, cheers to our gift bag product donors (and new friends!)  Thanks to Hint Water and Sexypop Popcorn for providing munchies and fizzy refreshments. Body wash from Bioelixia and lip balms from Flickable and Rosebud Perfume Company kept us beautiful (*hair flip*) while the folks at PureLyft made sure we were well caffeinated.

Last but not least, thanks to iStickr for decking out or Macbooks with the PacMan decals (in Altitude Orange!) and to Knock Knock Stuff for the sassy sticky notes. For more information on any of our gift bag sponsors, please visit their websites and social pages!

As we enter into the final quarter of 2014 with our minds focused on the budget, it’s important to take a moment to smell the roses (or the rose’) and remember why we do what we do… Whether its creating meaningful relationships with clients, powerful campaigns or making a mark on the business, none of that could be done without the support of our team, and to that we’ll raise a glass.

Missed out on the fun? Check out the photos, tweets and posts from the #AltitudeSummerBash on Facebook and Storify. Keep up with the CBS Alitude Group on our website, too!

Until next summer!