Spring Forward!

Daylight Saving Time has a bit of a strange and controversial history, from lucky birthday draft dodges to an entire country keeping the wrong time by accident for 60 years. (Everyone makes mistakes!) But one thing it underscores is how precious sunlight and outdoor time are to us all. I’m certainly not alone in looking out the window at 4:30pm during the winter, seeing a dark sky, and fantasizing about sitting on my lawn chair or grilling on the back deck.

We all know that time is precious and limited, which is why it can be hard to give up an hour every spring. It’s something we keep in mind every day in the radio world, as we create content that is as relevant and impactful as possible, often in small time frames. That’s why, as Daylight Saving Time approaches, our partnership with Scotts/Miracle Gro features timely, pertinent messaging for our listeners across markets in Florida and California.

Custom :15 second creative, running this Thursday through Sunday when the clocks move forward an hour, reminds listeners to ‘spring forward’ and provides key tips for springtime lawn and deck prep. This kind of messaging combines some of our favorite things here at Altitude – timeliness, relevance, and truly helpful content for our listeners where they live, work, and play.

Click below to take a listen! Cheers to the warm weather and sunshine.