Sears and the Olympics


Vice President, Strategic Sales Development , Business Development

All I’ve been doing the past few weeks is living, breathing and even sometimes eating the Olympics. It’s been awesome.

Last week, as I watched Usain Bolt capture his second Olympic gold medal, I happened to think to myself: why don’t brands advertise on the Olympics the same way that they do on the Super Bowl? The audience has got to be just as big. And event is as exciting

And just then — wham — I am hit with this commercial.

It starts out with two 20 somethings (male and female) frolicking in the sand. They are hanging out, playing around in the waves and lying on the beach in each other arms, and then this quote “Be Free” comes up.

I didn’t know what this commercial was from, but it reminded me of an obscure Levi’s commercial’s. You should watch it for yourself, but believe me, you’ll be surprised.

This is one of the funniest commercial I’ve seen since the Super Bowl. It turns out it is a Sears commercial for their Top 10 Advantage, along with their new “This Is SEARS” tag line.”

Well played Sears, well played.

So the question remains: why don’t advertiser advertise like they would for the Super Bowl? More brands should take their cue from Sears and step up their game!