Riding the Subway? Great Marketing Awaits

Here at the Altitude Group we’re always on the lookout for amazing out-of-home advertising. Reaching people locally is one of our greatest strengths and when local out-of-home is done well, you can’t help but marvel at its innovation and creativity.

And you don’t get more local than bringing your message to the streets – or rather UNDER the streets – of New York City.

Here are two examples of marketing in the NYC subway system that really killed it.

Take a look at these two clips and see if you agree!

Asics Run With Ryan

An awesome street campaign from Asics asks everyday subway riders if they can outrun one of America’s top runners.



Born This Way Flash Mob

When Interscope released Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, they launched the single with an underground freakadelic dance party. This wild clip is not to be missed.