Radio Well-Positioned To Reach Newly Confident Mass Market

There is a great article authored by Jeff Haley in today’s Mediapost that we wanted to point out to our readers. It dispels some common misconceptions about radio and illustrates why few communications mediums are as durable.

We tend to hear a lot about the early-adoption habits of affluent Americans in terms of digital media, but radio as an effective vehicle for reaching this audience has been largely overlooked. Studies show that the majority of those in the car still listen to AM-FM radio, where they can find traffic and weather, local news and events.

It may come as a surprise to some, but affluent consumers are the sweet spot of radio advertising. Each week, radio reaches some 94% of adults in the $75K+ household bracket, which, let’s not forget, is over twice the average national income. We call these people “mass affluents.” They are typically people commuting to white-collar jobs, shopping, or driving their children to practices or school events.

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