Radio Ink Talks to CBS Radio’s Head of Sales

Michael Weiss, CBS Radio President of Sales
I was delighted to see this week that the cover story of the June 20th edition of Radio Ink, the foremost radio-industry trade publication, is an extensive interview with our very own Michael Weiss.

Titled “Selling Machine,” the article takes a close look at the formidable sales operation that Michael has built over the years and does a great job of capturing the passion that he brings to the role.

I’ve worked closely with Michael for years, but even I learned things about his early days in the business that I never heard before.

This quote, in particular, is vintage Michael: “I am looking for salespeople who love the art of the deal, who love to figure out ways to get orders,” he said. “If I go back to the days when I started at that local radio station, there were a ton of accounts that nobody wanted. I went out and took all those accounts. The others just didn’t make an effort. They kind of had this paradigm that you couldn’t sell this person. To me, there are ways to get orders from every single prospect out there.”

After 25 years in the business, Michael now oversees a sales team of well over a thousand people that have brought truly remarkable revenue growth to CBS.

You’ll need to register for Radio Ink to read the full-length article, but be sure to check out the excerpt here.

And congratulations Michael!